What is Shopper Analytix?

Shopper Analytix is the VMX solution for store window and in-store consumer tracking. The Shopper Analytix system discretely observes detailed activity in store. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are at the forefront of our technologies.
Shopper Analytix analyzes consumer behaviors to determine attraction, attention & conversion.

Store window analytix


  • Number of shoppers passing in front of the store window/shelf
  • Share of shoppers stopping in front of the store window/shelf 


  • Average time at window/shelf


  • Share of shoppers entering the store
  • Shoppers tracking in store after entry
  • Share of shoppers interacting with the shelf

Shopper Analytix provides support to improve stores:

• Store Windows
• Planogram Effectiveness
• Logistics
• Labor
• Marketing
• Customer Knowledge
• Retail Design
• Branding


How does Shopper Analytix work?

We install or use existing cameras to evaluate consumer reactions to store windows, graphic programs and merchandising feature statements.

RGBD Camera
Visione SA.jpg

Shopper Analytix protects the privacy of the consumers.  The system tracks movement and interaction but does not record any personal data.