Valerio Placidi , Co-Founder of VMX

Valerio Placidi, Co-Founder of VMX

Valerio Placidi

Valerio Placidi is the Co-Founder and CGO (Chief Growth Officer) of Grottini Lab , a global retail analytics company based in Porto Recanati, Italy. Grottini Lab is an International new generation company aimed to design and develop advanced innovation for Retail Analytics and communication technology. 

Valerio is a member of the International Association as GRA, Retail and Consumer Behavior Specialist at Vision Robotics Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University Politecnica Marche in Italy. He is also a member of The Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED).

With over 20 years of experience within the industry, Valerio has an extensive background and knowledge base within marketing and sales. His vision today is based on a defined assumption “before taking a decision it is necessary to conduct a deep evaluation”. With this point in mind he has built, together with his partners, a company where its main goals are to observe real interactions between shelves, corridors, products and consumers in a store environment.  From there, use the collected data to create valuable insights and finally make those insights available in a business format. This will enable the insight to be actionable for store strategies aiming to increase shoppers’ experiences, satisfaction and store-category performances.

Valerio is continuously increasing his knowledge of being in the know and up to date on the technology, trends and business practices. Currently he is completing his studies at the Università di Macerata in Philosophy. With his studies in Philosophy is has been able to link his vision on how “Data is around all people but mainly People are behind data”, meaning everything people are doing has to be related to create value for all players involved in a store , especially those making a purchase.